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Spacesmoke - Berry Slum - 125G

Spacesmoke - Berry Slum - 125G

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Introducing Spacesmoke Berry Slum, a captivating fusion of luscious berries that promises to take your hookah experience to new heights, now available in a generous 125g size at Crafted by Spacesmoke, known for its unique and premium shisha blends, Berry Slum brings together the sweet and tart notes of assorted berries for a delightful and flavorful journey.

Elevate your hookah sessions with the irresistible and juicy medley of Spacesmoke Berry Slum, offering a burst of berry goodness in every puff. Perfect for those who seek a rich and aromatic shisha experience.

Indulge in the berrylicious allure of Spacesmoke Berry Slum – now available in a 125g pack. Order today exclusively at Daddy's World and embark on a flavorful journey with this exceptional and tantalizing shisha flavor.
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