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Nico - Kiwi Fusion (50G)

Nico - Kiwi Fusion (50G)

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Experience a delightful fusion of flavors with Nico - Kiwi Fusion. This 50g pack brings together the tangy sweetness of kiwi fruit with a hint of refreshing mint, creating a unique and invigorating shisha flavor.

With each inhalation, you'll be transported to a tropical paradise as the vibrant essence of ripe kiwi dances across your taste buds. The subtle undertones of mint add a cool and revitalizing touch, enhancing the overall experience.

Nico is dedicated to providing high-quality tobacco-free shisha options, and Kiwi Fusion is no exception. Crafted with care, this shisha blend ensures a smooth and satisfying smoke, allowing you to fully indulge in the enticing flavors with every session.

Whether you're a shisha enthusiast or new to the world of hookah, Nico - Kiwi Fusion is sure to captivate your senses. The 50g pack is perfect for sampling or adding variety to your collection, allowing you to enjoy this unique flavor combination whenever you desire.

Discover the refreshing and tantalizing taste of Nico - Kiwi Fusion. Order your 50g pack from Daddy's World and elevate your shisha sessions with this vibrant and invigorating flavor fusion.
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