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Nico - Bubble Gum (50G)

Nico - Bubble Gum (50G)

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Indulge your senses with the nostalgic delight of Nico - Bubble Gum. This 50g pack takes you back to your childhood with its sweet and playful bubble gum flavor, creating a truly fun and enjoyable shisha experience.

With each inhalation, you'll be greeted by the familiar and irresistible taste of classic bubble gum. The burst of sweetness will transport you to carefree days, evoking memories of blowing bubbles and laughter-filled moments.

Nico takes pride in providing top-quality tobacco-free shisha, and Bubble Gum is no exception. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this shisha blend ensures a smooth and satisfying smoke, allowing you to fully savor the delightful bubble gum flavor with every puff.

Whether you're a shisha connoisseur or new to the world of hookah, Nico - Bubble Gum is a must-try flavor. The 50g pack is perfect for sampling or adding a touch of nostalgia to your shisha collection, bringing a playful twist to your sessions.

Experience the joy and sweetness of Nico - Bubble Gum. Order your 50g pack from Daddy's World and bring back the delightful memories of bubble gum fun during your shisha sessions.
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