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Clearance - Al Fakher - Peach - 50G

Clearance - Al Fakher - Peach - 50G

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Experience the luscious allure of Al Fakher Peach Shisha Flavour, now available in 50G. Daddy's World invites you to savor the succulent sweetness of ripe peaches, enveloping your shisha session in a world of delightful flavor.

Peach Perfection: Al Fakher Peach captures the essence of perfectly ripened peaches in every inhale. Immerse yourself in the tender, juicy notes that evoke the sensation of biting into a sun-ripened peach. This flavor promises an indulgent and satisfying shisha experience.

Signature Quality: Daddy's World is synonymous with excellence, and Al Fakher is renowned for crafting exceptional shisha flavors. Our Peach variant exemplifies this commitment, delivering thick clouds of authentic peach flavor that elevate your shisha session.

Moments of Delight: Our 50G pack ensures ample enjoyment, whether you're seeking relaxation or socializing. Al Fakher Peach adds a touch of sweetness to your moments, infusing the air with its delightful aroma and flavor.

Easy Enjoyment: Creating a perfect session is effortless. Pack your hookah bowl with your chosen shisha tobacco, sprinkle in the Al Fakher Peach flavor, ignite the charcoal, and relish the delectable peach infusion.

Daddy's World Assurance: Daddy's World guarantees shisha satisfaction. Our Al Fakher Peach 1 kg tub embodies this commitment, promising quality and flavor in every puff.

Embrace Peachy Bliss: Indulge in the irresistible charm of Al Fakher Peach from Daddy's World. Elevate your shisha experience with the mouthwatering essence of peaches. Every inhale is a journey into peachy bliss.

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