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Clearance - Al Fakher - Iced Lemon Mint - 50G

Clearance - Al Fakher - Iced Lemon Mint - 50G

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Elevate your shisha experience with Iced Lemon Mint by Daddy's World. This invigorating shisha flavor brings together the zesty kick of lemons and the icy coolness of mint, creating a refreshing fusion that will transform your hookah sessions.

🍋❄️ Zesty Lemon x Cool Mint ❄️🍋 Iced Lemon Mint captures the tangy essence of lemons and the chilling rush of mint in each puff. The lively lemon notes are perfectly balanced by the icy undertones of mint, delivering a delightful dance of flavors with every inhale and exhale.

💨 Premium Smoke Quality 💨 Crafted to perfection, Iced Lemon Mint promises a smooth smoke experience. The shisha tobacco is infused with the lemon-mint blend, ensuring consistent flavor and satisfying clouds. Get ready for a sensory journey that's both invigorating and satisfying.

🌐 Why Choose Iced Lemon Mint from Daddy's World? 🌐 Daddy's World takes pride in offering top-notch shisha flavors, and Iced Lemon Mint is no exception. Our commitment to quality ensures a memorable shisha session every time. Elevate your hookah moments with the tantalizing taste of Iced Lemon Mint.

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