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Clearance - Al Fakher - Grape - 50G

Clearance - Al Fakher - Grape - 50G

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Elevate your shisha experience with the timeless appeal of Al Fakher Grape Shisha Flavour, now available in 50G Daddy's World invites you to indulge in the rich, authentic taste of grapes, delivering a satisfying and classic shisha session.

Grape Elegance: Al Fakher Grape captures the essence of succulent grapes in every inhale. Immerse yourself in the deep, fruity notes that mirror the taste of freshly harvested grapes. This flavor promises a gratifying and familiar shisha experience.

Signature Quality: Daddy's World stands for excellence, and Al Fakher is celebrated for crafting exceptional shisha flavors. Our Grape variant embodies this commitment, delivering voluminous clouds of true grape flavor that enhance your shisha session.

Moments to Treasure: Our 50G pack ensures extended enjoyment, whether you're unwinding alone or socializing. Al Fakher Grape adds a touch of elegance to your moments, infusing the air with its captivating aroma and grape essence.

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