About Us

Step into the realm of shisha innovation and healthier choices with Daddy's World Shisha New Zealand. As a pioneering force in the industry, we're thrilled to be your premier destination for non-tobacco alternatives that redefine shisha enjoyment in the country. Our mission transcends the boundaries of tradition, aligning with the Smoke Free 2025 initiative to create a smoke-free future that's both enjoyable and responsible.

Driven by a passion for transforming the shisha landscape, Daddy's World is committed to curating a diverse and high-quality collection of non-tobacco alternatives. We recognize that preferences evolve, and our goal is to cater to the dynamic needs of our customers by offering a wide range of innovative options. We believe that a smoke-free lifestyle doesn't mean compromising on pleasure or flavor.

Our journey is founded on the principle of empowerment. We understand that the shisha experience is deeply personal, and our offerings reflect that understanding. At Daddy's World, you'll discover a haven of possibilities, where traditional tobacco molasses step aside to make room for alternatives that promise the same, if not enhanced, levels of satisfaction.

We're more than just a brand; we're a movement towards a healthier choice. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our products to the experience we provide. We're committed to fostering a community that celebrates conscious choices, shared moments, and elevated shisha sessions.

In this exciting era of shisha transformation, Daddy's World invites you to embark on a journey of discovery. Join us in shaping a smoke-free landscape that champions taste, pleasure, and well-being. As the horizon of shisha possibilities expands, Daddy's World Shisha New Zealand stands as your unwavering partner in this exhilarating journey.