Collection: Al-Fakher Shisha NZ

Embark on a journey of shisha excellence with the Al-Fakher Shisha NZ collection at Daddy's World. Immerse yourself in a world of timeless flavors and renowned craftsmanship as you explore a carefully curated selection of Al-Fakher's exceptional shisha blends. From the invigorating Mint Frost to the enchanting Ice Raspberry Mint, each flavor in this collection is a gateway to the highest standards of shisha enjoyment.

Savor the refreshing allure of Mint Frost, indulge in the cool sweetness of Ice Raspberry Mint, and experience the fusion of tradition and innovation in Magic Love. Al-Fakher Shisha NZ's legacy of quality and diversity is present in every blend, offering a spectrum of tastes that captivate hookah enthusiasts. Elevate your shisha experience with Daddy's World and our Al-Fakher Shisha NZ collection, where each draw is a testament to the art of crafting memorable shisha sessions.